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December 9th, 2015

02:24 pm - Help Guys?
I'd like to try to start sharing pictures I've taken here with you guys. Any recs for image hosting sites? I have a photobucket account but I pretty much hate trying to use it now days. What are your favorite sites to use?

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December 9th, 2014

06:06 am - Oh, brain chemistry
I am having hormone induced anxiety aimed at my entire LIFE right now. Internet life included. I feel a little bit like a turtle hiding in my shell. I'm having a time of it just typing this out. So pardon me if I fall behind on the december meme. I'll pick it back up once this passes (hopefully in a week). But feel free to ask me stuff at my post, I'll answer when I start feeling up to it.

I'm sure that part of this pervasive anxiety stems from trying to figure out Christmas presents for my family with only half the budget I had last year. I'm sort of thinking about baking things for people for Christmas for the first time.The thing about that is besides the brother who I have something else in mind for, I don't really know anybody's preferences well enough to make them something they'd really love.

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November 25th, 2014

06:40 pm - December Posting Meme
The internet has convinced me to do the December posting meme. So, pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Seriously anything - music, fandom, baking, travel, sports, tv shows, books, lgbtq thoughts, whatever.

Dates takenCollapse )

I've also got a bunch of people's posting memes open in tabs and I'm going to try to get over my lurker tendencies and ask stuff.

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05:15 pm - Favvvoritessssssssss!!
Oh Fall Out Boy, you amazingly talented bastards! I got the email from them yesterday and immediately cracked up laughing because they've done it again! Once again they release a single and announce an album and nobody had any idea it was coming. I learned way back with Infinity On High to never have expectations about how a song will sound but they've never let me down. The new song sounds nothing like Centuries, I spent my first listen to it going between 'Whoa where did that come from?' and 'How is this so awesome?'. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I don't think it's possible for me to not like any music the four of them put out.
Current Music: Fall Out Boy - American Beauty/American Psycho

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November 18th, 2014

06:57 am - Nostalgia
I have been feeling weirdly nostalgic lately about the 5 cd player we used to have. I used to fill all 5 slots and it would play an album thru then randomly choose one of the other albums to play. I used to do my homework in the living room where that cd player was. We had quite the sound system back then - a tuner with a tape deck and am/fm radio, the cd player, a record player, and a pair of 2 ft (or there about) speakers. The two albums I recall doing this most vividly with were Beastie Boys' Ill Communication and Janet Jackson's Janet. Reel Big Fish's Turn The Radio Off and Hanson's Middle Of Nowhere come to mind as well. (Yeah, my music taste what?) I miss being able to do that. Though it sometimes seems like there are less albums worth listening to all the way thru then there used to be, I don't know. Makes me wonder if there's any app out there that would do the same with mp3 albums. Awesome but completely unlikely, right?

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October 10th, 2014

06:07 pm - Sports. anndd more sports
Well, last night's game was a shitshow. I'm a cynic and a pessimist so I excepted the Avs would lose that game to the Wild - first game of the season, after losing a series to them, in THEIR building (a building where we never won a game in that series either). You can see why I'm not surprised we lost. I'm not even sure we'll win tomorrow's home game against the Wild. But I wasn't expecting the Avs to lose in such a spectacular fashion. I thought Danny B and Tyson were good and Duchy was working hard but kept getting shut down. Mostly though I thought we didn't look like much of a team out there. It's only the beginning of the season though, so there's that.

I'm lucky that the two sports I follow season's run almost opposite each other and I only had about 4 weeks from the time the NWSL season ended and the NHL started back up. Though it seemed so much longer. Women's club soccer here in the US started up mid-April and so I got to spend my spring and summer watching all the soccer. No, seriously since all but a handful of the games aired on youtube only I watched every. single. game. of the season. Every team had at least one player I like watching and while I like some teams more than others there's no team I dislike. I do have a favorite team though, the Seattle Reign. I loved them when they were the second worst team last year and when they went on to win the regular season this year. There's so much to like about the way they play and the attitude they have, there's so many awesome players on the team but there's not a lot of ego getting in the way. And watching Jess Fishlock and Megan Rapinoe together is like magic. The Reign made it to this year's Championship game but lost to the number two team in the league because (in my mind at least) of their season long tendency to get behind in the game and have to try and come back.

I'll admit I'm worried that the league won't be able to sustain itself thru the world cup and olympic years. Keeping interest in the club game is hard when there's big, important international games going on and that was one of the downfalls of the last two leagues and I really don't want to see another women's soccer league fail in the US while the men's league is doing so well that they're about to add another 3-4 teams in.

Speaking of international soccer, qualifying for next year's women's world cup starts next Wednesday. I'm excited anytime I get to watch the US national team play but these are important games. Though yes, they'll mostly be blowouts since Mexico's our only real competition in the tournament and we just played two friendlies against them and the combined score was 13 - 0 us. Fox sports is airing all the games, which is great since I don't think the qualifiers have ever even been on tv before. But of course half those games are on FS2 which Comcast doesn't carry. WTF Comcast?! And to make it worse the first US game is one of those on FS2 though at least it looks like FS1 will be re-airing that game.

Question for anyone who made it thru all of that - considering that my last three posts have been about hockey I feel like it's about time I get a hockey icon. Any ideas on where I should look for one?
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April 16th, 2014

07:38 am - Hockey?! Hockey.
Last June I was watching the news coverage of Colorado's wildfires and the thing that came on immediately afterward was game one of the Stanley Cup finals. I've vaguely been a fan of hockey since way back - an ex-friend of mine was big into hockey even in middle school and I remember watching the Avs both times they won the Stanley Cup. I had nothing better to do so I decided to keep watching. And man what a game that one was! Triple overtime was not a thing I thought would happen when I started watching but I was glued to the tv the entire game. I ended up watching all but one game of the series (I think I missed game 5 for a family thing?) and though I wasn't much invested in either team I enjoyed the games a lot. Proof of how uninvested I was in either of the teams? it took me 'til around game four to figure out that one of the Bruins' players last name was Peverley, not Beverley like I thought I was hearing.

Like most sports fans in Colorado I was thrilled when Patrick Roy was named the new head coach for the Avs. Since that happened before the finals even started you might be surprised I knew about it since as I said I was only vaguely a fan but it was HUGE news around here. Fast forward a few months and I improbably managed to catch the first regular season game. Improbable because, though I can't remember for sure, I'm pretty sure I thought to myself 'Huh, I wonder when the Avs start playing?' and when I looked it up the game started in just a couple hrs.

I've really gotten into it and I don't know if it was because I watched the Stanley Cup, if that first game was just that awesome, or more likely I guess - I needed another sport to be into besides women's soccer. I've watched the vast majority of their games (though with the scant amount of time I tend to get in front of the tv I dvr the games for the most part instead of watching live). And the games I missed were early in the season before I figured out that Altitude (the local sports channel) immediately re-airs the games and I could then record the games around everything else we dvr.

When I first started watching back in October there were things about hockey that reminded me of soccer - the passing, the movement on and off the puck, even the checking a little bit. That's mostly faded into the background for me since then but might be part of why I got sucked into hockey so easily, how it evoked parts of what's always been my favorite sport while being awesome in it's own right.

It's been awesome watching the Avs this season and getting to see how they've improved thru out the season. It must be crazy to anyone who was watching last year to see the changes from last year to this year. I'm both a bit of a cynic and from a town who's sports teams are notorious for choking (*cough*broncos*cough*) so I don't have my hopes up too high about how far the Avs will make it in the playoffs. But I'm proud of how well they played this season and excited to see just how far they will make it.

I'm so into the Avs right now that I'm starting to save up to for a ticket to a game next season. I was hoping to go to a game this season but ticket prices are ridiculous. Tickets for most of the concerts I go to are less expensive than even the cheapest seats at a hockey game! In fact, there's a concert I'm thinking about seeing this summer where the most expensive seats are equal to the cheap seats for a game and I'm hesitating because of the price. I've been to the Pepsi Center a handful of other times for various things so I know the general layout. The most affordable Avs tickets are the seats that are highest up on the third level and last time I sat up there three or four years ago I got a pretty good case of vertigo when I looked down. And it's been so long since I sat on the third level balcony (2001 - BSB Black & Blue tour, baby!), which is the next price up, that while that was an awesome seat at the time I'm pretty sure I'd get vertigo there too. So I need to aim for a seat somewhere on the first level and that definitely necessitates saving up.

(and yes I'm not mentioning the stuff about Varlamov because it gives me RAGE and I can't even be coherent about it in my own head let alone outside it.)
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April 20th, 2013

04:17 pm - Save Rock N Roll
I has a Save Rock and Roll! I braved the snowstorm Wednesday evening to buy it. And I'm listened to it for the first time in my Black Cards hoodie.

My thoughtsCollapse )

In conclusion, I LOVE IT! Oh, Fall Out Boy how I've missed you so.
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April 8th, 2013

09:58 pm - Jinxed!
Lol. Right after I posted I was talking to my Dad about the forecast and how we've never had a power outage here due to weather probably because our power lines are buried. In fact, the only power outage I remember us having was last year when a nearby transformer blew and our side of the street lost power and the other side didn't. Anyway within a minute of me saying that both our cable & internet went down.

When both of them go down like that that's usually a sign that something is physically wrong with our connection. And with the storm coming I kinda doubt Comcast will be willing to come out tomorrow so I'm betting we'll be spending at least th next 36 hrs without either internet or cable. Which sucks big time having neither of those during a big snowstorm.

So now I need to come up with ways to keep the boredom at bay. Though I had just been thinking I should watch the 1st 3 Bourne movies sometime. And I had a couple of baking projects I'd been planning on attempt in the next week or two (my 1st attempt at rugelach & a new recipe for hamentashan (between my spelling & my phone's spelling I have no clue if I spelled that right) you were interested). So there's that.

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07:52 pm - Anticipation
I am so weird about new albums from bands I like. I started saving everything that mentioned anything but the 1st single from Save Rock & Roll over a week ago so I wouldn't be spoiled. I don't want to know anything musically for new albums except the lead single (and maybe one other song). I have to wait until I have the cd physically in my hands and I can open it and burn it myself. It's a thing. I've never listened to leaks or official streams before an album I was eagerly anticipating came out. Hmm, now that I think about it I've only ever listened to an official stream once and that was for Fun.'s Some Nights. I listened to it once and then kept coming back to it over the next month trying to figure out if I actually liked it (I did & now they're in my top 25 on last.fm.)

I also like to go to stores on release day (sometimes release week if I can't make it work that Tuesday) to buy the cd. I tend to do that when I'm not drawn in by whatever pre-order is being offered. I pre-ordered Panic's! Vices & Virtues because hoodie! but there's no way I'm pre-ordering 30 Seconds to Mars' new album because wow, over priced. So Paramore's new album comes out tomorrow and I was vaguely hoping to go get it but that hope's been dashed seeing as we're supposed to get at least 8 inches of snow thru Tuesday and it's sounding like it'll be more than that even. So while that's great news weather wise not such much when it comes to taking the bus anywhere. But it does make me a tiny bit sad that I'm not going to get a full week to listen to it before I drop it post haste for Save Rock & Roll.
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February 4th, 2013

09:37 pm - A Few Fall Out Boy Icons
So as a way to try to contain my excitement about the news that Fall Out Boy's back I've spent the last five hours making icons from the two new pics. (Says something about my icon making skills, doesn't it?) It's been so long since I made icons to share that I had to dig into my tags to remember how these posts are supposed to work.

~credit is a must please; comments are appreciated.
~you can add modify these if you want but again please credit me as well.
~I'll be happy to add specific text to any of the blanks, just let me know what.
~hotlinking - not cool, man. (Do I even need to say this anymore?)

Icons back here:Collapse )
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06:17 pm - They're Baaaack!
Just need to scream this to the world real quick:

Long Live The Car Crash Hearts!!

Believers Never Die!!

I'll have more to say on this later I'm sure.
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January 14th, 2013

05:49 pm - What Dreams May Come.
I've been having some weird ass dreams lately. I remember having a dream where these giant termite/maggot-y bugs that were probably two or three feet big were in my backyard crawling towards the house, we'd spray them with bug spray but they kept coming.

One night I had two dreams about tornadoes. The first one I was in a used cd store that had a tv on and I freaked out when I heard that there were reports of tornadoes in the area. The second one I was standing by my back door watching the wind whip thru our trees when I heard this tremendous noise and I just instinctively knew there was a tornado heading straight for my hose. I bolted downstairs, slamming the doors into the house on the way down, heading for the closet under the stairs to hide (in real life that is actually the safest place to be in my house in case of a tornado - I figured that out as a kid). After it had passed I went out front to survey the damage - my house was one of only two that were damaged on my street and it was the worse off. It was still standing but the walls in front had been ripped off and the stuff from those rooms was scattered on the front yard and into the street.

Another time I had a dream that was basically an action movie where for some reason I was in a store in a mall after it had been evacuated (a bomb threat possibly?) and spotted a gang of robbers leaving a high-end store. They saw me too and chased me thru the mall and down a bunch of streets while I searched for a safe place hide (dreaming it was like watching your standard action movie chase scene). I woke up with my heart pounding right after I found a place to hide - in a bdsm slash vinyl record store (because that's how my subconscious rolls) and had to take a few minutes to calm down before I could fall back asleep.

The thing is though, I wouldn't consider those kind of dreams to be nightmares. At least not for me. They didn't freak me out or make me not want to dream again or need to sleep with the light on or any of the other ways I'd react to having a nightmare. And it's interesting because I remember when I was younger, having a nightmare about there being a gigantic (I'm thinking about 7 or 8 feet here) spider in the entry way of my house. But I guess bugs don't bother me as much anymore.

So those weren't nightmares for me. But I had what is apparently a nightmare for me now just a few nights ago. I was in a building that was part library, part Barnes & Noble type bookstore, part food court and part city hall. Also, randomly there were a few rooms were that straight out of a nursing home. And I was in this building looking for a bathroom that I'd seen just a few minutes before and I wandered in circles, fruitlessly looking for this room I'd seen before but unable to find it and I was just on this continuous search, walking around and around this entire building but never finding what I was looking for. And to make matters even worse in parts of the dream I was either naked or half naked while walking thru this public building.

I would very much like to never have a dream like that ever again. Even just recounting it here freaks me out. I'm sure if someone analyzed that nightmare it probably says some interesting things about me and my fears. I'd rather dream about being in falling elevators or tornadoes (both reoccurring themes in my dreams) than have a dream like that.
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May 15th, 2012

07:17 pm - Resourceful fandom is Resourceful.
Lol, list I am terrible at posting!

I need some help finding a fic I read awhile ago and now I can't get it off my mind. I have no idea why I even read it in the first place as wasn't in the fandom at all when I read it. I must have read it because one of you either rec'd or wrote it. It was a Star Trek: Reboot fic and it was probably at least 10,000 words long since I mostly only read long fic. In it Kirk had some psi abilities that he's kept hidden. I remember it had some scenes set during the academy days but the bulk the story took place after Kirk becomes Captain I believe. What I remember most about the fic was that Kirk felt when the people of Vulcan died and he had a lot of trouble handling what that did to his psi ability. He wasn't able to meditate after and Spock had to assist him. I'm also pretty sure the fic ended up Kirk/Spock.

Help, please you guys!
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January 17th, 2012

09:18 am - Fuck This Shit.
Before I start whining (and since this is my first time posting since Christmas) I want to say thank you nafs for the card! It was much appreciated.



I have been having a shit time sleeping since about Friday. In an entirely new way for me even. I go to sleep and I'm tired and I don't have too much trouble falling asleep but after a few hours I wake up and I'm awake enough that I have to work to fall back asleep. Then after that I wake up every hr or two and have to try to fall back asleep again til I've been in bed for 5 or 6 hrs and then I wake up and can't fall asleep at all. Consequently I get super tired after being up for only 8 hrs and either try to take a 2 hr nap (the only kind of nap I can actually manage) or just say fuck it and just got to bed. But either way the next time I try to get a full night's sleep the pattern repeats itself.

I do not know how to fix this. Taking a benadryl won't work, I tried that already. Instead of what usually happens when I take a benadryl to sleep (fall asleep fast and hard, wake up v. v. briefly when it wears off but fall right back asleep and get at least 8 hrs of sleep) I fell asleep like normal but woke up BEFORE it wore off and was back to the same cycle.

I have always had chaotic sleep patterns but damn it, this is worse than that span of time where it was taking me 2 hrs to fall asleep! At least that could be fixed with some benadryl. And I frickin' hate whining about my lack of sleep. Seems so pointless
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December 26th, 2011

03:21 am - Christmas Timez
Thank you for the cards [personal profile] dine and katienyc!! They bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them.

Christmas went better than I thought it would. I still felt the absence of Jeremy and his family, especially when it was just Dad and I sitting down for Christmas dinner, but them not being around didn't 'ruin' the day.

It was actually a nice, non-stressful day. I didn't have to be up early like past Christmases (though my body didn't let me sleep in). I didn't bother to even stuff the stockings til after 2 pm.

Chris has turned into that guy who can't be anywhere on time to save his life. When we made the plans for the day he said they'd be here about 2 or 3, he called about 1 to say he was running late and it was looking more like 3:30 or 4, they actually showed up not much before 5.

I got Taylor a copy of A Light In The Attic and bookmarked the poem that inspired me to get it for her, A Bear In There, 'cause it's about her favorite animal, the polar bear! I got my dad a copy of Amy Winehouse's last cd 'cause he was a fan of her. I got Chris's girlfriend Jessie a cute necklace from Target and her son a couple little books. I was being a little passive aggressive with Chris and got him a $10 itunes gift card 'cause that's what he got me last year even though we talked before about how I hate itunes. But hell, at least I got him something *ahem*.

My dad got me a new mp3 player! I really needed a new one since my 7 yr old ipod mini was on it's last legs. I was thrilled about that, particularly since he told me back around Thanksgiving that he wasn't getting any of his kids presents this year. In addition to that I got a box of Godiva dessert chocolates (from Dad) and Paramore's Hello Cold World long sleeve T from my mom.

Christmas dinner was ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls with red wine to drink and apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. For being basically thrown together at the last minute planning wise it turned out pretty good!
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April 10th, 2011

10:37 pm - Random Vices & Virtues Thoughts
So I've been listening to Vices & Virtues pretty much non-stop since it came in the mail 2 weeks ago. I don't have the coherency about the album to do a real review of Vices & Virtues. I did however write down all the random little thoughts that have popped into my head while I've been mainlining it. Check it -Collapse )

I think it's possible I might ended up doing a part two of this.
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March 9th, 2011

06:20 am - Dear White Collar ... Incoherently, Me
Wow, White Collar. WOW. That was an amazing season finale.

Not quite spoilers but...Collapse )

I just know I'm going to keep coming back to this episode for like, at least the next couple weeks trying to figure out any clues. I'm impressed Mr. Eastin, good show old bean.
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March 2nd, 2011

10:11 pm - Music Psychic
Sometimes I'm accidentally psychic.

I had one of my typical anxiety dreams last week - there's the ones where I'm going on a trip and everything's in chaos because I didn't plan properly for it and there's the ones where I'm going to a concert and everything's in chaos because I didn't plan for it properly, this was one of the latter. I dreamt I was in Colorado Springs going to see 30 Seconds to Mars play some arena and my ride down there ditched me! So I had no way home and I spent most of the dream trying to figure out how to get home with a really weird interlude of running into the guys in the band.

But the point of the story is this - I found out last night that next month 30 Seconds to Mars are playing some arena in Colorado Spings. I don't know if I should take this as an omen or not. Do I want to add 30 Seconds to Mars to the list of exceptions for NOT seeing concerts in the shithole that is the Springs? Really the only bands I've ever made that exception for are The Cab and Cobra Starship. Though I'd totally make the exception if Empires ever ended up playing out there.
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February 24th, 2011

08:30 pm - Music Crushes
It's been two weeks since I found out Tickle Me Pink are breaking up and I'm still bummed about it. I bought my ticket to their final show just now. I also bought my ticket to the Travie and Black Cards show which I'm pretty excited about. Next on list to buy is a ticket for the MCR/Neon Trees show and hopefully a ticket to the Good Charlotte show before it sells out. I've never seen Good Charlotte live and have wonder what kind of show they put on for a couple years now. You might not have noticed but I have a pretty big crush on the drummer for Neon Trees so I can't wait for that show even though the Filmore remains a supremely mediocre venue.

In other music news I was blown away to see The Scenic on last weeks KTCL music survey. Even if they don't get any airplay it's still pretty damn awesome that Colorado's major modern rock station would even consider playing them! They're coming thru Colorado in April and I really hope I get to see them again. I enjoyed the hell out of their set when they were here in November. Hopefully they'll have some merch I like and I can give them a bunch of my money.
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